Jersey Cow Lamp

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Product Description

Building larger lamps has always been a goal, but a hard one to achieve. With this design, Justin introduces a much larger base that allows Incredifold to expand to larger designs!

The Jersey Cow Lamp is created by Designer Justin Thao with innovative folds, forming the shape of an adorable cow. It is folded to give details to the nose, eyes, mouth and ears. The coloring is digitally drawn to resemble a Jersey Cow, including subtle vibrant colors and details to make this cow shine! 

This new design inspired Justin to create a whole line of larger animal shades! He loves seeing the beauty of an animal's natural form mixed with the artistry of origami. Please sign up for the Incredifold™ newsletter to find out when Justin's new designs are released!

The Incredifold™ 3D printed base is carefully designed with top quality material. A standard 9W (60W equivalent) LED light bulb is included. Just plug the provided 15 ft cord into your wall outlet as you would with any normal lamp, while enjoying more style than a normal lamp could ever provide!

This Jersey Cow Lamp can hang on the wall with small nails. 

Lamp dimensions are: 12 in. x 13 in. x 14.75 in.


(Lamp uses 60W equivalent LED bulb. Do not use other types of bulbs, as they can overheat the lamp and cause a risk of fire.)

(This shade is not waterproof or fireproof.)

(The base is not guaranteed to be drop-proof or fireproof. Please keep it in a cool area, and do not leave it unattended.)

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