Custom Photo Lamp

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A unique origami lamp folded by hand into a memorable keepsake!

Put your personal images on this shade and give it as a gift! One image is preferred, but two to three may be included per lamp. (Some cropping may occur.)

This Incredifold Light Base is carefully designed by Justin Thao and 3D printed with top quality filament. It is embedded with a 100 lumen LED. With batteries, this lamp is portable (flip the black switch underneath). It also has the option of plugging it in with the supplied cord. This saves your batteries and gives you the ability to leave it on much longer. (Just make sure the batteries are turned off while plugging in the lamp.) Batteries last up to 24 hours.

Shade height with Light Base is 4 in x 4 in x 9 in.

How to get a Photo Lamp with your personal images on it:

Step 1:

Check out your items and order the Photo Lamp.

Step 2:

Send your image(s) to

(To avoid copyright infringement, Incredifold™ has the right to refuse to use images with copyright protection. Please use your own images you captured yourself or find an image that you otherwise have the rights to use. By sending an image to the above address, you confirm that they are within your rights to use in this manner.)

Step 3:

Proofs will be sent for your approval before finalizing the print. Once proofed, the Incredifold™ shade will be created with your image and shipped as soon as possible.


(Plugging in the lamp does not charge the lamp because it only uses alkaline batteries, not lithium ion batteries.)

(This shade is not waterproof or fireproof.)

(The base is not guaranteed to be drop-proof or fireproof. Please keep it in a cool area, and do not leave it unattended.)