Cherry Blossom Mushroom Lamp

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The inspiration is found in various types of colorful mushrooms that grow around the world. It's considered to be "nature's hidden treasure." A twist of cherry blossoms recreates this lamp with a soft and beautiful light pouring through tender petals. The opening on the shade sheds light onto your ceiling, bringing in more brightness. The Cherry Blossom Mushroom Lamp is part of Incredifold's line of Mushroom Lamps, all with original designs by Justin himself!

This design is created with innovative folds and hand folded for that home-made feel. 

The Incredifold™ 3D printed base is carefully designed with top quality filament and embedded with a 100 lumen LED (1Watt). With batteries, this lamp is also portable with the option of plug-in. This saves your batteries and gives you the ability to leave it on much longer. Use the included cord to plug into any USB power source, and enjoy the soft glow of this gorgeous lamp.

(Batteries last up to 24 hours.)

(Plugging in the lamp does not charge the lamp as it is designed to use 3 AAA batteries.)

(This shade is not waterproof or fireproof.)

(The base is not guaranteed to be drop-proof or fireproof. Please keep it in a cool area, and do not leave it unattended.)