The path of being an entrepreneur was not on the to-do list, but it is a unexpected journey worth having.

This is the beginning of developing a business that produces creative and innovative products through the inspiration of origami. This new product brand will prove that there is more to origami then being "arts and craft." With the right mind, its' self inspiring folds can be one very influential to the market overall. 

Industrial design is the engine for this movement and it came from Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. It teaches one how to develop new and creative concepts for manufacturing. They deal a lot with problem solving, reinventing the aesthetics, and solving problems for certain products in the market. There is a lot of sketching, 3D visualizing, knowing what your customers want, and seeing the core of the product's problem. Although this kind of career would be very satisfying to most, there was a longing to do more, to invent more, to create more, and explore more in the realm of origami. 

This is but the initiation of a larger brand. 

Justin Thao